Inject hope into the lives of others

Make the world a better place by supporting those who help others.

Halcyon Skin proudly supports worthy causes, most notably My Le Huong, or Anne Munro as I knew her growing up, who runs an orphanage in Vietnam.  Halycon Skin has donated over $20,000 in support of Anne and other charities including; The Salvation Army, World Vision and the UNHCR.  I aim to donate at least 20% of all profits from Halcyon Skin to go to these worthy causes.

Anne was one of the three thousand children air-lifted out of Vietnam at the end of the war.  She was lucky enough to find her birth mother and stayed to help run the orphanage in Vung Tau, but many of the adopted children have not been able to find their birth parents. Anne works tirelessly for the orphanage and to assist adoptees in finding their birth parents, all whilst raising her two adopted boys. 

Read more about Anne's story here and here .

Anne's Story