Welcome to my boutique cosmetic injecting service.

Hello I am Dr Lizzy and I am looking
forward to subtly creating a fresh you.

Our journey ...

...often starts with a phone call when we will chat through your concerns and I make some suggestions, including pre-treatment medical advice to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by me personally. We will sit down for an obligation free consultation. We will discuss your concerns and I will give you an honest assessment of how we can achieve your goal of subtle enhancement.

Should you wish to go ahead, I will be the one providing your individualised treatment. 

Before you leave, you will receive post-care instructions and a complementary post-treatment kit.

Follow-up care is integral part of my service and I will contact you 10-14 days following treatment and I encourage you to contact me personally with any concerns in the meantime.