Why Your Skin Is Your Greatest Investment!

Often you may find yourself speaking to a friend who has just had their hair done and easily spent $200+ to keep their locks looking great, $60 every three weeks on a manicure, waxing and tanning, has gone on a shopping spree to find that next on trend outfit or signed a contract to a gym they may or may not use consistently...I could go on.

Most people have no hesitation to easily invest in many areas of themselves but when it comes to skin health, prevention and protection - it usually doesn't even cross their mind heavily.


Your skin is always with you and represents you, so it's truely important to look after it.

Your skin is with you for life.

When you look at someone or talk to them, your skin is a dead giveaway of your age or premature ageing. Working on prevention early definitely benefits you in the future but it's never too late to start looking after your skin.

The best place to start is your skin routine at home with the basics. A good quality cleanser, serum, moisturiser and SPF can really make a difference. Figuring out the right skincare is the main thing we have found people ask about. A skincare range prescribed by a professional is always going to be the best thing for your skin as they can determine your skin type and which products are going to aid you most.

Mostly people wonder "But I bought some skincare from the supermarket and they work just fine, why can't I use them?".

Usually a lot of these products only contain minimal active ingredients, are full of fragrance, alcohol and filler aren't always great for the skin. A professional skincare range such as Synergie may cost more but as your skin returns to health, you'll be using less product, and more specifically, products with good concentrations of active ingredients that have been proven to improve skin.

The results will speak for themselves!


On another note, seeing your therapist on a regular basis for facials, peels and LED will take your skin health to the next level. Results can be further enhanced with minor medical interventions such as fillers and anti-aging injections. You'll have created skin that will be flawless and healthy for years to come, plus a great canvas for your makeup!

If you are having any skin concerns or just wanting to invest your money in the right place - get in contact with Dr Lizzy at Halcyon Skin.

Written by Callie Schultz - Halcyon Skin Team Member.

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