How To Avoid The Trout Pout

It’s no secret that big plump lips are ‘on-trend’ at the moment and lip fillers aren’t so much a subtle enhancement but people going by the notion that BIGGER is better. At Halcyon Skin we are declaring war on the trout pout to encourage that although we love a full lip, there is a way to have them looking youthful, natural and suited to your particular features without going overboard!

Here, we bring you the ways to ensure you avoid the trout pout for good!


Who's Your Cosmetic Injector?

Do. Your. Research!!!

Some people see a cheap deal and let just anyone inject them without looking into their credentials, skills and knowledge. Who you choose to perform the procedure can really determine the outcome and overall look of your fillers. Don’t be scared to ask questions, know what you are getting into and be clear on the look you are after.

Support first.

As we get older the structures around the lip start to change and the lip thins. Instead of just pumping your lips full of filler in one place, Dr Lizzy aims to support these structures first, then add the volume where needed. The shape of your lip really gives the stepping stone to creating the perfect look for you, but beware of just putting filler in the boarder of the lip as this can look unnatural.

Let’s support and subtly plump to get your desired result!

It’s ALL about balance.

Having ‘duck lips’ or the ‘trout pout’ usually becomes apparent when the lips are protruding unnaturally from the face, and the balance between the top and bottom lip is completely out of whack! Halcyon Skin believe in subtly creating a fuller lip that compliments your overall look. The biggest tip is to be guided by your unique features and what will suit you - not by a look your favourite celebrity has. We always recommend gradually plumping to obtain the perfect pout instead of diving into the deep end and walking away with a look you weren't expecting. __________________________________________________________________________

These are three important things we pride ourselves on at Halcyon Skin to create a subtle, fresher you! Don't be shy and come have a chat about how we canreally make your beautiful features the best they can be.


Callie Schultz
Halcyon Skin Team Member (and youthful, natural look enthusiast!)