The V2 Beauty Booster

The beauty industry has so many forms of new treatments and technology out in the world that sometimes it can feel hard to keep up. Halcyon Skin prefers treatments of quality and getting real results rather than bringing in every treatment out there - because, come on, who wants to feel bombarded with all of that? Not me, that's for sure!


It’s proud that we can introduce you to one of our favourite new revolutionary treatments we have in the clinic called the V2 Beauty Booster. This unique hydration treatment is completely customised to target individual skin concerns and offers a wide range of skin-boosting benefits.

This exciting new treatment can combat dehydration, tired-looking skin, fine lines/wrinkles and creates tighter/firmer looking skin. Although we recommend multiple sessions, you'll start to see results It can also be used not only on different areas of your face, but on your hands and décolletage too which can show signs of ageing.

It has a brilliant plumping effect on the skin, improving its elasticity and hydration. It stimulates collagen and elastin to help prevent the aging process and boost the skins radiance.

Can you believe that in a session as short as 30mins, you can achieve a flawless, glowing look for your next event or just on a day to day basis?! I say that's a winner!

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Okay, I know the true questions you are wanting to know -

- What is actually involved in the V2 Beauty Booster Treatment?

- Is it painful?

- Is there any downtime?

Prior to your treatment, your practitioner will apply numbing cream to the entire treatment area to make your experience as comfortable as possible. The procedure is quick, precise and effective with minimal pain and discomfort.

The V2 Beauty Booster gun uses multi- needle injections to deliver a serum into the sub-dermal layer of the skin – very quickly and efficiently. You should also experience minimal downtime, with any bruising or blotchiness post treatment being resolved within four days.

Dr Lizzy also follows up to see how everything is going on after the process. In the end the results will truly speak for themselves.

I have also included this article from the paper with Stephanie Darling which gives you can insight to her experience trying the V2 Beauty Booster treatment herself.

We can't wait for you all to try the V2 Beauty Booster so take advantage of our special deal below, send an enquiry and have fresh radiant skin before you know it!

Callie Schultz
Halcyon Skin Team

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