Simple Steps To Getting Your Skin Races Ready

Every year racing season seems to come around quicker than usual, but if you know how to get yourself organised, it will be stress-free and simple. Before the pretty frocks and headpieces to dazzle, comes the real preparation - yourself! Here's a few ways to get ready for all the fun ahead!


Water! It's funny that this is such a simple step, yet we all forget about it. Drinking water is an essential way to get your body into health mode and your skin health to follow suit.
Get that H20 into you ladies - it's pretty much a year round thing but a reminder always helps ;) !

You are the canvas, so get the base perfected first!
Being in your best skin equals flawless makeup application. Foundation is the base to your whole makeup look so by getting into a routine now will allow the magic to occur! Start with a good on-going skin routine that will prep your skin to be in it's best shape for the season ahead. Once this is in place, it's time to speak to your specialist to determine what your skin concerns are and what can be done to achieve the results you are after. Routine facials, enzyme peels and LED light therapy can definitely help with this!
Read all about LED and it's benefits here!

But what if you want to
take your look to the next level?
To create the ultimate face base, a subtle injectable can really enhance your natural beauty. It's amazing how a slight fill in your lips can make your whole outfit come together, especially when topped with a bold lip colour and softened lines can really encourage a fresh look for you!
If you're worried about taking that leap, read our previous blog on lips and how to keep them subtle here.


Now book in your hair, nails and tan because your skin will be races ready!

Get in contact to book before the season hits - bookings are going fast!

Callie Schultz
Halcyon Skin Team